Levinia Guide. How To Build Levinia in Runelords Arena

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Levinia Rune Equipment Guide
Levinia is a healing mage who can give powerful support to other heroes

  1. Use rune sets which can enhance healing attributes.
    Levinia Rune suggestions: Laguz ( You can get Laguz-4 Piece in the Dungeon)
  2. Levinia is a mage hero, use rune sets that can increase M.ATK or Magic Enhance attributes will also greatly promote the healing effect.
    Levinia Rune suggestions: Odal, Kenaz
  3. Use 6 Runes set to improve the healing attributes . If you currently don’t have a 6-piece set, use the 4-piece set of healing runes + the 2-piece set of M.ATK or Magic Enhance runes that can also greatly increase Levinia’s strength.

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